Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back in Medora

It was a little surreal to finally be back in Medora after this weekend. Oddly, it sort of felt like I had been here forever and was returning after a long time away... It was good to be back, though. I missed having something to do during the days. Yesterday, Samantha and I organized 3 of the file drawers full of research and information and went on the mp3 walking tour. I got a sense of accomplishment out of organizing all of that information into an index, but I still have to say that office type work is not my favorite (although it is a necessary part of life).

Karen is letting me work on some of the Time Traveler scripts for Tuesday/Wednesday tours through the house. It's been a good project and a chance to use some of what I've learned from the writing courses I've taken over the years. Karen knows a lot about the subject and has been a good guide.

On Saturday I'm headed to Richardton, ND for an Oral History Conference (at an abbey!). Dee was talking about getting a tour of the abbey itself and I'm really excited about that possibility. I'm also thinking that this oral history project that's currently in the works will be a good experience for me. I'm hoping that I'll be able to use what I learn at this conference, and throughout the summer, for family history and/or possibly church history (haven't discussed that one with anyone yet...).

I'm thinking that working for the SHSND might be a good job for me next summer, too (provided they would employ me) -- perhaps I could get a position as an interpreter at the house. Who knows? But first I have to learn the secret handshake....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


After a long bus ride from Dickinson to Des Moines (about 24 hours in total), I am home. I was actually pretty sad to have to leave Medora Thursday night -- and I'm definitely not partial to sitting in the Dickinson bus stop for 4 hours... Regardless, I've already seen Dan graduate from high school and this morning he'll make Public Profession of Faith at church. It's hard to believe that he is old enough.

Some of my relatives made it out to celebrate with us, too. It's been good to see them this weekend because after this, I won't seen any of them until Christmas. I spent most of yesterday putting together Dan's picture board. (He wanted to leave it plain white on the back, but I got colored construction paper and put borders around the pictures.) After church, we're having lunch in the church basement and then after that is Dan's open house (root beer floats, like mine). Having both events in the same weekend has made it kind of crazy, but it's been good to be here for both.

Most of all, it's hard to believe that Dan is going to college next year (Northwestern - IA - for History and Education). Perhaps it's best that I'll be in Egypt for the first part of the semester so he can feel like he's all alone out there...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delayed Posting

Apparently the wireless internet cut out sometime around 11:30 PM two nights ago and I haven't been able to get internet from my room until this point.

My internship has been going quite well and Samantha and I seem to get along just fine. She and I were a little nervous yesterday when the interpreters of the house threw us into the midst of interpreting the Chateau. I was scared stiff that I would say something incorrectly, but the other women up there were very patient and encouraging. After all, we have to start sometime...

While we were waiting for the next tour, Coleen (she's in her 30th year of interpreting at the house) told us the ghost stories from the house. There are only 3, but apparently there have been a couple sightings of some nuns and one sighting of a cowboy. The cowboy one is my favorite -- apparently one of the interpreters was giving the tour and when they got to the upstairs bedrooms, a cowboy (a head taller than anyone else) joined the group. When the interpreter went back downstairs, the man wasn't with the group any longer and she assumed that he was still looking around. However, when she went back up to look for him, he wasn't there.

Today we were up at the house again, but this time it was the two interns and Jane (one of the interpreters). Yesterday I had only interpreted the second half of the house and today Jane had both Samantha and I try the front of the house. I was a little more nervous about the front of the house, but it still went pretty well. I'm nervous for tomorrow though, I may have to try the porch (the first place the guests stop -- it needs to be the strongest).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2nd Job

Mom and I wandered through Medora today. The Chateau de Mores (where I will be working -- look it up) has an even more beautiful view than my window and the house and history are fascinating. I have so much to learn from the people here and about the history.

We also wandered through town for most of the afternoon and ended up in one of the gift shops. Mom started talking to the man that runs the store and now I may have a 2nd (part-time) job lined up for the summer, too. This should be good because I'm not sure what I would do with three full days off otherwise. It looks (right now) like I'll be working 6 10 hour days (possibly some work in the evenings) and have a day off to go to the grocery store in Dickinson, explore the park, or whatever else I might want to do.

Anyway, I'm tired (my body clock is still in Central time), so I think I'm going to bed. I plan to go to the Lutheran church in the morning, so I'll let you all know how that goes.

Medora: Day 1

I arrived in Medora, North Dakota around 5 PM yesterday. It was a long drive from the Twin Cities to Medora (6:30 AM CST to 5:00 PM MDT). However, North Dakota really isn't as flat and boring as some people might think. The western half is quite beautiful and hilly -- the speed limit's also 75 mph for those who are curious.

The dorm room is small (for those of you who know West Hall at Dordt, think one of the rooms for two people). Thankfully, I'll have AC this summer, since it will get quite hot eventually.

I start work on Monday at 7:30 AM and work until 6:30 PM. It'll be 4 10 hour long days and then I have to find something to do with my free time. Mom and I are going to the Chateau de Mores today to see the women homesteaders exhibit and then at some point we'll have to go to Dickinson to go shopping (there is no grocery store in Medora) and I have to drop Mom off at the bus stop.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Weekend

Well, it's the last weekend before exams and my mom and little brother are coming in about 40 minutes to get all of my stuff and take it home. It's a little depressing to have to still be here without my stuff, but on the bright side, I'll have A LOT more space. Also, rearranging all the furniture will be a lot easier once my stuff isn't an issue.

I've been trying and trying all week to get my passport, but first I had trouble printing pictures and then I found out that, because I was under sixteen when my last passport was issued, I need my birth certificate in addition to my driver's license and passport. So far, I haven't had any travel adventures, but getting the IDs required to travel has been a little bit of a hassle.

I have so much to do as far as homework is concerned in the next week -- including about another 50 pages of writing for my Screenwriting class. I love that class, but I think the amount of work left just might kill me -- or at least make me very sleep deprived.